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June 2013 Open Thread

Readers are an absolutely crucial component of the IPR community. Threads on this website often attract substantial amounts of comments, which we sincerely value (except for the trolls perhaps) and help make this website as strong as it is. Every month, we have an open thread, where you can post any news, events and commentary from third parties and independents.… Read more ...

Readers News Open Thread, March/April 2011

The moderators here at IPR have noticed an influx of links within the comments which, while relating to the political world, do not necessarily contribute to topical discussion within their respective threads. We understand that the contact account can sometimes receive too much news to get everything up here, or if it does makes its way to the front page it does so with a significant delay.… Read more ...

Election open thread

If you have any news about the elections tonight or the results, this is the place to post them.  Hopefully I will be able to liveblog some of it tonight.  If anyone knows where to get election results, that will also be appreciated.

To start off, here’s a recent article about Matt Reichel:

Back at his office after a long morning of greeting voters and putting up campaign signs, Reichel seemed less sanguine than he had at the start of the day.

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