Joe Wendt withdraws from US Senate campaign, Libertarian Party of Florida active membership

Email from Joe Wendt to campaign list:

The Campaign must come to an End.

Unfortunately, I must announce my withdrawal from active involvement in the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) and must suspend my campaign for US Senate. Over the past few months, I have been harassed by members of the LPF Executive Committee and prominent members of the LPF. Some have slandered me, making false accusations and disparaging my character & work ethic. Others have harassed members of my campaign. One prominent member of the LPF, from Miami, sexually harassed my campaign manager. Another particular member, from Bradford county, threatened physical harm against me and my family numerous times on Facebook. One prominent member has even intimidated people within the LPF membership to not financially support my campaign. Others have sent rude and obscene emails to members of my family. It is absolutely disturbing that this is happening within the Party of Principle. When I brought up my concerns to a few members of the Executive Committee, Paul Stanton was one of the very few to stand up to fight for what was right against this grossly inappropriate behavior.

After the events of the Oct 22 Executive Committee meeting, I can no longer in good conscience continue my campaign or continue any activity that would benefit such a dysfunctional and corrupt organization. The so-called Party of Principle has embraced intimidation tactics and has completely abandoned Libertarian Principles. I can no longer help legitimize an organization that behaves in such a way.

I apologize to all of my supporters who have helped my campaign. The remaining funds in the campaign account will be dispersed to a couple of Liberty-oriented political groups, so the money can still continue to help further the cause of Liberty.

IPR Note from Paulie:

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92 thoughts on “Joe Wendt withdraws from US Senate campaign, Libertarian Party of Florida active membership

  1. Massimo

    I have no idea of what this is about. But I can’t help and wonder how anyone can take us seriously when they see that such a minuscule group of individuals (unfortunately) manage to internally fight so often, so bitterly and so publicly.

  2. paulie Post author

    From Joe Wendt. “I got this screenshot today from a friend. Crevaux is actively trying to purge all ec members who oppose the alt-right agenda.” Creveaux is the same guy who crashed the BTP with his illiterate candidate that he was writing pretending to be, Tiffany Briscoe. I think he is also for Top Two.

  3. Anthony Dlugos

    how come these threats and intimidation attempts aren’t turned over to the police?

  4. paulie Post author

    Some of them have been. In Joe’s case they just told him to block Ramsey on FB and if he continues harassing offline to contact them again.

    In my case I have never found the police to be helpful so I have never reported any of the threats I have received to them. This is not the first time I have been threatened.

    The only times I have reported anything to police were for example when my computer was stolen, I did report that just in case the thieves do something bad with my computer later. I had zero expectation they would recover my property, and of course they have not.

  5. paulie Post author

    There have been and continue to be a lot of links between police and the racist movement. Ramsey brags about having a lot of friends and contacts in law enforcement. So reporting to them could actually be counterproductive.

  6. paulie Post author

    As Paul Stanton said Sunday

    Much like our last state-wide candidate in Florida, and the one before him, and the one before him, I have resigned from the Libertarian Party Florida. Though I have now resigned, I am certain that as a member of the LPF EC, I did inform the LNC, twice, of a problem. Feel free to ask the current LPF Vice Chair Omar Recuero, the most recent former LPF Chair (and current LPF EC member) Char-lez Braden, the LPF Chair before him (and former gubernatorial candidate – receiving the most votes in LPF history) Adrian Wyllie, or current LPF US Senate candidate Joseph Wendt whether or not the LPF has a problem, and they will each tell you that we have a very serious problem – not to mention all the others who have disassociated over this ongoing issue.

    Now add the latest statewide candidate to the list. And you can ask me too as Invictus and Ramsey have both personally threatened me as well.

  7. paulie Post author see embedded links in original”

    We are losing good members, and the trust of the public, due to the elevation of leaders in extremist hate groups to our party leadership. We need a new approach. Local libertarian-leaning politicians and voters associate us with far-right extremists. As of yesterday, my county no longer has a full slate of candidates for the Florida House. One of the Libertarian candidates I drafted will now unfortunately be running NPA. Yesterday, we also lost our incoming Rules Committee chair. Previously, both our former gubernatorial nominee and our senatorial nominee (prior to me) have resigned their LPF memberships, among countless other Libertarian activists and volunteers. A member of my 2016 Senate campaign ended her participation with the party, because her employer forbids associations with members of extremist hate groups advocating for violence. A single friend (who ceased her participation after receiving death threats) has reported that no fewer than 30 of her acquaintances have withdrawn from Libertarian Party activism due to risks to themselves and their reputations.

    During my US Senate campaign, I never expected the situation that unfolded. I expected the personal attacks, but I never expected racist fantasies about my mother, posting of personal information about members of my family, or the violent threats and sexual harassment targeting my supporters and members of my campaign. Last month, after I introduced a motion (which was killed) to remove Florida’s member of the Libertarian Party Platform Committee for his racist statements, I was accused of wanting to kill all white people, in a “white genocide” conspiracy theory. And now today, there have been threats that the militant hate group the American Guardmay be waiting for me in the parking lot, or harassing county party meetings. We must have higher standards for our party leadership!

    Sadly, these are common intimidation tactics among white nationalists, and there are several other victims throughout Florida. This behavior cannot be accepted. We cannot continue to elevate these people. Libertarianism stands for maximum freedom for everyone, universally. We dishonor ourselves and our party by enabling liars with wildly divergent philosophies, who stand immediately adjacent to neo-Nazis, white nationalists, fascists,organized criminal syndicates, and domestic terrorists.

  8. Anthony Dlugos

    “There have been and continue to be a lot of links between police and the racist movement. Ramsey brags about having a lot of friends and contacts in law enforcement. So reporting to them could actually be counterproductive.”

    maybe, but cops don’t generally go to bat for people not in positions of power. what can any of the white nationalist in the LPF offer to the cops in exchange for kid glove treatment?

  9. paulie Post author

    Lots of cops are fascists and fascist sympathizers themselves. Many of the rest are just incompetent, lazy and/or corrupt. Many are sadists and sociopaths.

  10. Thomas L. Knapp


    Thanks for that screen shot.

    I’ve been considering over the last few days whether or not I should follow Paul out of the party.

    I’m not doing so, for a couple of reasons.

    One is that I committed to being the LPF’s alternate representative to the platform committee and intend to keep that commitment unless removed.

    Another is that I agreed to serve on the LPF’s rules committee and intend to keep that commitment as well.

    However, to the extent that Creveaux represents/speaks for the chair as his de facto personal chief of staff, that screen shot is a declaration of war on LPF. The three people he names as further targets can presumably survive, both personally and politically, without LPF. Whether or not LPF can survive without them, or at least people like them, is a very different question.

    If Creveaux, and by extension Mr. Miralles, want to wage war on LPF, I intend to make sure that they feel the full truthfulness of Sherman’s description. They’re going to find out that, for them at least, it is all hell.

  11. dL

    what in the name of holy hell is going on down there?

    Ethno white Jesus

    “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.”

  12. paulie Post author

    If Creveaux, and by extension Mr. Miralles, want to wage war on LPF, I intend to make sure that they feel the full truthfulness of Sherman’s description. They’re going to find out that, for them at least, it is all hell.

    I don’t think there’s any “if” about it. It is happening, and has been for some time. Give ’em hell!

  13. paulie Post author

    Further reactions on LNC list from Hayes, Wes Benedict and Larry Sharpe range from sweeping the problem under the rug to actively aiding and abetting the enemy. Caryn Ann Harlos sounds a lot more aware now. David Demarest and Starchild are also sounding more aware. I talked to Joshua Katz earlier today and he is fully aware. I don’t think any of them are prepared to consider disaffiliation yet, but I speed-read.

  14. paulie Post author

    The Fringe Insurgency: Connectivity, Convergence and Mainstreaming of the Extreme Right
    “Despite profound ideological divergences (e.g. biological vs.
    cultural racism), alt-light activists, free speech warriors,
    Southern rights advocates and libertarians play an
    instrumental role in mainstreaming white supremacist
    and even neo-Nazi thought. They are at the heart of
    the cross-pollination that allows for the normalisation
    of fringe ideologies, as a result of their framing through
    the more socially acceptable lenses of freedom of
    speech, criticism of multiculturalism, the globalist elites
    and political correctness.”
    36-page PDF study summary

  15. paulie Post author

    In other words libertarianism is being used to launder their klan sheets and give them entry into the somewhat more mainstream dialogue to spread their poison, which is why they are targeting the LP for takeover, first in Florida (well underway) and then nationally.

  16. Carol Moore/

    At least a full page of screen shots of these threats should be collected and posted, perhaps in its own article at IPR.

  17. wolfefan

    Anthony Dlugos (and others) ask why these threats and intimidation are not turned over to the police. It’s hard to say from the limited information given, but it is possible that the communications in question don’t rise to the level of a crime. They may be a civil tort, in which case calling the police wouldn’t help. How helpful officers are willing to be varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but if there is a demonstrable history of harassment the victim could go and get a restraining order, violation of which would be a criminal matter that would involve the police. In many jurisdictions a magistrate can also issue a warrant on the statement of an alleged victim, depending on the circumstances and the offense. None of this deals with objections some libertarians may have to involving the state in these matters.

  18. paulie Post author

    A lot of them were verbal – on the phone or in person. Many are by way of suggestion, so there is nothing actionable. Some were actually taken to heart – the intended victims were in fact intimidated and left the LP, and/or backed off confronting the fascists. They have gone after some people’s family members (multiple people have reported this). So, even if some of the threats are screenshotable, the people who received them may not have saved them and may not be willing to enter them into public evidence lest the threats get carried out or lest they and family members receive fresh batches of threats and harassment.

  19. paulie Post author

    In the case of a lot of people who got threats the last thing they want is to be part of a widening controversy. They want it to go away.

  20. paulie Post author

    Here’s one of them though. I posted it on another thread earlier tonight but here it goes again.

    When I reposted that article here (note I did not write it and don’t know who did) Ramsey had this exchange where he threatened both myself and IPR, and offered to unpublish his lies about me and us if we unpublished

    On Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 8:47 AM, paulie wrote:
    Email exchange from yesterday. Ramsey demands articles be taken down, threatens to sic law enforcement on me.

    p; I already addressed all his nonsense in the IPR comments. He’s just repeating the same BS and embellishing it more and now getting FBI involved? When all I did was report what some other places were saying without even saying whether I agree or not. He seems to not grasp I did not write the articles. No one much less me threatened physical violence, in fact both myself and the original source specifically renounced it. I’m not a “member” of anything antifa and certainly not a terrorist. Brandi was actually completely reasonable in IPR comments a few days ago (same thread I linked earlier) but I still have to wonder if they quit racial politics why still fly the RAC banner? As for making slanderous claims that would be him, such as the slanderous claim that I killed a dog and the slanderous claim that I am a terrorist.

    On Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 9:27 PM, Warren Redlich wrote:

    I asked him to send me excerpts of the threats and he didn’t. No surprise.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Bradford County Libertarian Party of Florida
    Date: Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 9:48 PM
    Subject: Re: Articles threatening my family and the convention

    He was convicted of 2 of the felonies and is in collections for the fines as of 2011, more arrests as a fugitive since. Furthermore he admits to being a member of ANTIFA.

    I have been punching back, but I wanted to reach out. If you take them down I can dispense with the idea this is a Republican attempt to subvert the LLPF, which I hope you do not take too much offense to as it is plausible, and I do not know you.

    I am basically confronted with the idea that your paper is saying crazy things and giving out my persona address and my pregnant Treasurers personal info (Brandi) and making incredible and slanderous claims, as well as calling to prevent us from conducting business at our annual convention.

    Reality is I left the far right a decade ago and risked my life to teach hundreds of white nationalists a new way of life and started a liberty group open to all races and sex orientations and denounced racial politics, this is a serious attack.

    I fired back, and I am sitting here deciding what to do. The FDLE electronic crime unit is on the case, since Franke is in Alabama I expect to meet early next week with the FBI, the articles violate multiple State and Federal statutes in my opinion.

    That is their call, but I figured why not give you a chance to remove them and I can remove articles like the one here rather than have a war to discredit each other.

    I may be wrong, you may not know Frankel is part of the left wing terror group ANTIFA (admissions attached), many also do not know about them, and I am willing to lend that benefit of the doubt.

    Here was my response to Frankels personal attacks April 8.

    I can choose to go nucear, or reach out to you to handle it, and I am choosing the latter in hopes you are reasonable and a decent human being. Call if you like, numbers in my signature.

    Exist to resist,

    Ryan Ramsey
    Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman
    Libertarian Party of Florida
    (904) 813-9092

    On Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 9:35 PM, Bradford County Libertarian Party of Florida wrote:

    Exist to resist,

    Ryan Ramsey
    Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman
    Libertarian Party of Florida
    (904) 813-9092

  21. paulie Post author

    Here’s the other one, email from Invictus Augustus forwarded to me:

    No one ever said Joe called the police on me in North Carolina. First of all, the ambush was in South Carolina. I am hoping this was a typographical error on your part, because I never told anyone that the babysitter was in fact in North Carolina and that the ambush was in South Carolina. The fact that anyone could know that – even you – is impossible, unless their group was in fact directly involved. Second of all, it WAS the babysitter, I said that already. Third of all, Stanton, Tesky, Wyllie, Marchetti, and Frankel are all directly responsible for that, because the babysitter called the police based off the bullshit criminal allegations being pushed by those five. It was the ‘news’ story that caused the babysitter to call the police. Fourth and final: It never crossed my mind that Joe had anything to do with that, but if I find out that he was involved with Stanton or Tesky or Marchetti in pushing those criminal allegations, I will hang him with my own fucking hands. That entire situation is something so outrageous that I am not even discussing it. Each and every person who was involved or had knowledge of it will get what is coming to them.

    So to break it down if he finds out Wendt was involved he will murder him, just like at least 5 or more other people including me.

  22. itdoesntmatterttomuch

    Speaking of questionable LP associations, I see Roger Stone is trending on Twitter and having an epic unhinged meltdown. Is it to late to invite him to more LP events?

  23. paulie Post author

    I look forward to inviting him to meetings of my new LP Felon Caucus. I don’t think he qualifies for full membership yet, at least to my knowledge, but I hope he does soon.

  24. paulie Post author

    I put out the word several places to get me more screen shots, recordings and emails of Ramsey et al threatening people. I explained why a lot of people may not have those or want to share them, but hopefully some additional ones will make it to me to get posted here.

  25. paulie Post author

    If anyone else reading is or can get in touch with anyone who has and is willing to share such evidence please let me know. All my contact info is in the about ipr tab at the top of the page or share yours here. I have a lot of people asking me for it, not only on here.

  26. Luke

    I hope we hear from some of them. We need some help getting this decomposing diseased excrement out of the party.

  27. paulie Post author

    I received two emails from Matteo Marchetti about threats he received from Ramsey. The first is public from

    One of Commie Paul’s only allies in the party was the first one to publish the story by this Frankel douchebag, Matteo Marchetti, AKA Mattia Malamento. The first time Stanton threatened me with censure, was about 30 seconds after I concluded a conversation in which I attempted to convince Mr. Marchetti, PA, that spreading these fake police reports was harmful to the party. He tried to claim I threatened him. Pictures of him wearing t-shirts advocating beating his philosophical opponents unconscious, and advocating the murder of the entire white race surfaced, effectively making him a NAP violator by default, and thus subject to use of force by anyone at any time.

    The email I have has a screen shot of this in case Ramsey takes down or alters the article again. Note that Ramsey has here publicly expressed his belief that merely wearing T-shirts whose message was probably being conveyed in an exaggerated, ironic or non-literal fashion is sufficient to justify “retaliatory” violence by “anyone at any time.” The person expressing this disturbing viewpoint is a county and regional chair of the LPF and a member of the LPF exec comm.

    In light of this, what else is the following except a very thinly veiled threat?

    The context of that is that Ramsey is trying to get Marchetti to stop sharing the information in

    Ramsey is falsely claiming that there is a legal cease and desist order which disallows the sharing of this information. No such order exists, and IPR has not received one as far as I know. There is no precedent that prevents news organizations from sharing the fact that serious allegations have been made against a public person such as Invictus. It’s not up to news organizations to determine whether the charges are true or false or to wait for that determination to be made in a court of law before reporting that the accusation exists. That’s settled law, which Ramsey mangles in a long series of back and forth messages in this conversation which I will forward the whole email to anyone who asks. It’s too many screenshots for me to put up all of them here at this time.

    But essentially Ramsey makes unproven allegations about the accuser and her friend, claims anyone spreading the allegations “could be charged” with crimes (which is absurd beyond belief), and…”there could be other severe and life changing consequences in addition.”

    What would those be, I wonder?

  28. paulie Post author

    Later in the same conversation:

    Someone to come meet him? Yeah, that’s a threat, even though Ramsey dances around and denies it. But it’s very obvious what he means just like when he asked Wendt if he had a good dental plan…it was plenty clear he was threatening to knock out Wendt’s teeth.

    Keep in mind that as we saw earlier he believes Marchetti is a NAP violator for wearing certain T-shirts and thus has earned anyone using force at any time, so if he ignores the fake threats of being charged with a crime for sharing a news story about allegations made about a public figure the backup plan is to have someone visit him, presumably to visit “severe, life changing consequences” on him.

    So this is the kind of evidence that we can get, folks. I will keep trying to collect more from more people, but a lot of people want to put this behind them and don’t want the situation to escalate. The thing to remember about threats is that they really are backed up with force. If you look at pictures of Ramsey and his friends (see various links in the thread above) it is easy to see why a lot of people are intimidated. They are fully capable of hurting and even killing people. I’m sure they have done a lot more than threaten people at various times in their lives and they have numerous and deep running connections with white supremacist killers and terrorists involved in groups which actually have killed a lot of people, as well as law enforcement and military connections of all sorts.

    In addition to the very real threat of physical violence there is also online harassment, threats of malicious lawsuits and police harassment, and ongoing malicious reputation damage online. I think you all should be able to understand why some people prefer to just try to let it go away. In other words the reality of the threats itself intimidates a lot of people into not even sharing the threats, but we do have above several examples of the kind of threats Ramsey and his friends make habitually.

  29. paulie Post author

    Some people have asked about Steve Nekhalia’s role in this, as the LNC alternate from Florida. Part of the problem of why Nekhalia may not see a problem…

    ITT: Steve Nakhalia advocates disenfranchising naturalized citizens.

    Steven Nekhaila “They sell our kids into debt to fund this”, them, and the entire Federal Governments budget. I mean if you are going to make an emotional plea its more than just immigrants draining this countries resources, its Americans as well. We need to end welfare in total. I mean end welfare for immigrants first that would be a great stop, and take away their ability to vote (even legal ones) and then end welfare for everyone else.

    This was Nekhalia commenting on a post that calls for rounding up and deporting all undocumented people in the US, which is easily over 10 million people, many with American-born spouses and children. His critique was that this is not going far enough – welfare and voting rights (!) also have to be selectively taken away from legal immigrants.

    Our party has a very serious problems. This is an LNC member, and one of the two go-to people along with Ed Marsh that the LNC is looking to tell the rest of the committee whether there is a real problem in one of the states in their region, Florida.

  30. paulie Post author

    Recall that above, Ramsey says that just wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a stick figure getting stomped and the caption “good night white pride” is in itself a NAP violation and entitles anyone to use force at any time against any person who wore such a T-shirt. So does the following make Ramsey a NAP violator subject to those same rules, following his logic?

    “Helicopters” of course refers to South American dictators’ practice of dropping their political enemies out of helicopters without a parachute. And here Ramsey is advocating doing that to Paul Stanton, an actual person, not just a cartoon outline.

    Ramsey also apparently believes in the death penalty for drug addicts…

  31. Anon-Tipper

    Steve Nekhalia on Ramsey’s show (Global Dissident Voices, might be part of Mad American Network): (I will work on getting an archive of this)

    Suwannee County Florida Libertarians Facebook page re-posts Mad American Network and other things from Ramsey:

    RAC Band Lovecrime (Ramsey):

    Mad American Network:

  32. paulie Post author

    There’s another one I have not yet seen a separate screenshot for but did see a large image of the whole FB conversation where Ramsey says something like “I could go rape your wife in front of you and slit your throat but these days I prefer intelligent discussion” – that may not be exactly word for word but that’s pretty much exactly what he says. The image of the whole conversation is too large to upload here.

  33. paulie Post author

    Here is a file on Ramsey I received, although a lot of the FB links seem to either no longer work or just don’t work for me because I am not FB friends with him.

    tattoos on head

    SS patch and white power cross on vest

    Iron Cross on shoulder

    Fascist T-shirt

    Nazi banner, comment indicates covering Neo-Nazi music (Skrewdriver)

    Hitler memes

    Operation Werewolf

    Taylor Swift for Fascist Europe

    Racist skinhead band plus islamophobia bonus

    Soldiers of Odin

    More tattoos: triskelion, Mjolnir, spiderweb (prison time?)

    Prison rape advocacy:

  34. paulie Post author

    That’s going a bit far for me. I have friended or liked a lot of people and pages on FB because they made a good comment somewhere or were “suggested” to me by FB or other people or joined FB groups I was in and so on. By that standard I would be one of “them” too, but I’m not.

  35. Anon-Tipper


    could you delete, edit my last comment? Just the Nekhalia friend list is important.
    sorry for the inconvenience.

  36. Anon-Tipper


    Thanks! You’re doing a great job here with all of this, that Ramsey zip is shocking.

  37. paulie Post author

    I can’t say any of it surprises me. I’m wondering if anyone reading has had a chance to look at it and found anything they did not expect? Please let us know.

    I think it should be abundantly clear – if anyone is just willing to take the time to take a look at the evidence – that he is both an active racist to this day and that he habitually threatens people with violence as well as lawsuits and arrest. While we have only a few examples of the latter posted here, the pattern is clear, especially in light of his bragging that he has been involved in more violent incidents than he can count as seen in the zip file.

    As the zip file shows he is easily smart enough to know what entryism is. It’s abundantly obvious that this is in fact his strategy: racist entryism into libertarianism and the LP. He is also smart enough to issue his threats in a way that they are clearly understood as such but maintain very minimal levels of deniability. That is a sign of an experienced intimidator who knows how to phrase threats in such ways that he can escape prosecution for them.

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  39. Jill Pyeatt

    Ramsey seems like he’s just a big bully who isn’t very smart. How did he get to be region chair?

    It does seem to be time for the LNC to at least make a public statement that he doesn’t represent our views. I doubt if that would stop him, but it might enrage him enough that he goes so overboard that the state party does something.

  40. paulie Post author

    Ramsey seems like he’s just a big bully who isn’t very smart. How did he get to be region chair?

    I’ll actually give him credit for being pretty smart. I agree he is definitely the bully type. It’s possible to be both.

  41. paulie Post author

    It does seem to be time for the LNC to at least make a public statement that he doesn’t represent our views.

    LNC does not generally get into the business of disavowing our own local leaders that are duly elected by state conventions, and that could set a bad precedent. Many LNC members believe that the more general statements disavowing white nationalism and inviting its adherents to leave the LP solves the problem, but it doesn’t. These folks don’t bow to mere words and are continuing their entryist incursion unabated.

    On the last thread Caryn Ann posted

    I could post on how precisely it would get to a point for an investigation etc

    I’d like to know.

    I think our best shot may be such an investigation, even if disaffiliation at this stage remains unlikely. The only way that LNC will take the issue more seriously as it continues to metastasize is to have a preliminary investigation into the facts.

    Even if LNC rejects the idea of disaffiliation, which seems likely at this stage (even I am not so sure I would be prepared to vote for disaffiliation if I was on LNC), the mere process of investigation will put enough information in enough LNC members’ and other party activists’ hands that I expect there will be substantial backchannel pressure on enough LPF EC fence sitters to create some pressure to remove Ramsey. Should that succeed, I think the rest of the fash would follow him out the door. If it fails, we may have calls for disaffiliation be taken more seriously when they come up again, and they likely will soon enough.

    I don’t know how good are chances are, but given that they have their guns set on national next, I can’t think of what would work better, and given the severity of the problem I do believe something needs to be done.

    I talked to Joshua Katz and he did not know what steps to an investigation Caryn Ann was referring to. He knows the bylaws well so presumably they are not in there. Does anyone here know what they are and where they can be found?

  42. paulie Post author

    via fb

    Paulie Cannoli – I have a lot of people asking me for provable threats by Ramsey et al. Screenshots and emails or recordings. I posted the two I received and the thing where Ramsey threatened to knock Wendt’s teeth out. If anyone is in touch with former LPF members please get anything they are willing to share.
    LikeShow more reactions · Reply · October 27 at 11:22pm

    Alexandre Crevaux – Wendt had his teeth knocked out? That sounds fun
    LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 11 hrs

  43. Anon-Tipper

    Ramsey posting images from Generation Europa:
    Mentioned on National Vanguard’s website:

    Also from LP Veteran Caucus:
    “Send their descendents to hell:”

  44. paulie Post author

    . Fascist entryists like Ryan Ramsey call real libertarians like Paul Stanton and myself communists. How the fuck am I a communist? I want government to be as small as possible, ideally completely voluntary. I believe in individual property rights. I score as a libertarian on every test I have ever seen, I’ve been an LP and movement activist for a quarter of a century, since I was 20 years old. I’ve devoted my whole life and career, such as it is, to the fight for freedom. I’m a refugee from communism and multiple members of my family have been killed, tortured and imprisoned by communists, and most of the rest driven into exile.

    Ramsey is the piece of shit who is calling me a communist and passing around lies about me torturing and killing a dog, being a terrorist and a member of some terrorist group, threatening legal action against him, threatening violence against his then pregnant wife, all a bunch of fucking lies while he has himself been involved in white supremacist terrorism, threatened numerous people including me, threatened to sic law enforcement and FBI on me, tried to intimidate IPR into not reporting on him and his long time (now ex) buddy Invictus who did in fact torture and dismember a goat.

  45. Carol Moore/

    Thanks Paulie and others for continuing to expose all this disgusting, non-libertarian behavior!

  46. Luke

    Maybe all those incidents of violence Ramsey has been in, which are too many to count, have caused him to get traumatic brain injury resulting in brain spasms and hallucinations.

  47. Luke

    Maybe the one pointing the finger has several fingers pointing back at him? It seems likely that he was sexually traumatized as a small child himself, which would increase his chances of becoming an offender as well.

  48. steve m

    are the Florida libertarians so meek that they can’t get enough of them together to organize a retaking of their party?

  49. Carol Moore/

    Ramsey obviously is not a very credible source on such accusations, give all his other phony ones.

    The “no pedo bashing” on that alleged ANTIFA sign makes the whole sign suspicious; right wing infiltrators perhaps. If it was part of some LGBT banner would be more believable. Of course, now a days too many LGB and especially transgenders do use very obnoxious Antifa-type tactics, including physically attacking women or screaming down women’s events should the women DARE to disagree with any little tiny bit of their ideology. Not impossible a couple of pedophiles decided to toss in their point with the sign to see if they could get away with it… But irrelevant to the couple of guys who were ranting about ANTIFA when – this spring? And got over it. Hopefully…

    As for pedophiles, there were several vocal ones running around Southern and Northern California in the early 1980s. After a while they got so much grief they largely shut up about it. And I get the impression there are still a few individuals on a FB group or two who still promote debates about it, and not merely for macho flash ideological reasons.

    However, in reality pedophiles tend to congregate in established, hierarchical organizations with mainstream credibility where they can control an establishment and help each other hide their crimes: churches, school sports and bands, summer camps, Congress, Hollywood, etc.

  50. paulie Post author

    are the Florida libertarians so meek that they can’t get enough of them together to organize a retaking of their party?

    Apparently so. At the last convention they only managed to make it worse.

  51. paulie Post author

    The “no pedo bashing” on that alleged ANTIFA sign

    Most likely just photoshop. Ramsey and friends set up a fake antifa group in Pennsylvania and tried to implicate it in pedophilia, as I recall.

  52. Anon-Tipper

    Ramsey apparently sent the same response he posted here to the LNC: (towards end of “Resignation from LPF” email chain)

    He sent them a link to an antisemitic website (the Schiller Institute) and is still claiming not to be an anti-semite/neo-nazi/white-nationalist.

  53. paulie Post author

    Well to be fair, most people have no idea what the Schiller Institue is so I can see why he thinks he can get away with it.

  54. Luke

    if there was a real pedo ring in the LP, I think Ramsey would be the last to discover it, unless of course he was part of the pedo ring himself. The woman that his long time buddy Invictus described as his ex-fiancee was 17 and in high school when he started dating her and he was in his 30s. Invictus also allegedly did or tried to hook up with other underage girls, and wrote what he characterized as nonfiction about raping a 14 year old girl in Mexico. Nothing about Ramsey himself that I have found yet, but pedos tend to hang out with other pedos and one look at Ramsey and I am left with the impression that he was being regularly subjected to sexual assault as a young child.

  55. Matt neonazi leader went to prison for child abuse
    ….Strom formed a new group called National Vanguard, which dissolved when Strom was indicted for possession of child pornography and attempted child sexual abuse in January 2007.
    An unemployed plumber who used to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border looking for illegal immigrants, Hall was a rising star among white supremacists.

    He would often speak at rallies, promoting the goals of the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi organization in the country, with 46 chapters in 20 states….But Hall’s rise in the movement ended abruptly. He died in May 2011, when he was shot at point-blank range while sleeping on his living room couch.

    The killer — in a shocking twist — was his 10-year-old son, Joseph, a troubled boy whose childhood was fraught with violence perpetrated by his father.
    Judge gives Lexington County neo-Nazi 50 years for child molestation

    And that’s just from the first page of search results…

  56. paulie Post author

    Knapp would know more details than I would but I seem to recall that his old nemesis in Missouri, Martin Lindstedt, another white supremacist who tried to infiltrate the LP at one time, also went to jail for child molestation.

  57. paulie Post author

    A 2015 report from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism found that former members of violent white supremacist groups showed almost half (45 percent) reporting being the victim of childhood physical abuse and about 20 percent reporting being the victim of childhood sexual abuse.

  58. Thomas L. Knapp

    Knapp would know more details than I would but I seem to recall that his old nemesis in Missouri, Martin Lindstedt, another white supremacist who tried to infiltrate the LP at one time, also went to jail for child molestation.

    I’d hardly describe him as my nemesis (“the inescapable agent of someone’s or something’s downfall”). Every time he tried to take me (or the Libertarian Party of Missouri) down, he failed miserably (including but not limited to the time he took a run at the LPMO nomination for US Senate and my future wife whipped his ass in the primary).

    His bone with me is that when I decided to join the Libertarian Party, I’d heard him say that county chairs who recruited new members got some money from the state party for their county party or something of the sort. I didn’t know him well at the time, but I figured what the hell, I’ll hand him my membership application (this was at a Greene County LP meeting; he made a habit of going to them even though he was from down the road in Newton County). Then when I found out what he really was and didn’t dig it, he decided that I was “Judas Knapp” because he had “recruited” me and I owed him some kind of loyalty. In point of fact, I’d been “recruited” by L. Neil Smith and by Bill Johnson (then executive director of LPMO, later a Republican politician and briefly a gubernatorial candidate in Alabama). Later, he named me an honorary Khazar because he figured anyone as traitorous to him must really be a Jew. Fun times.

    I haven’t kept track of him for years. My impression of the first sexual molestation accusation was that it was bullshit and entirely a function of the local police considering him a pain in the ass and looking for something, anything to “get” him on. The charges were dropped for lack of evidence and because the alleged victim insisted it never happened, but not before Lindstedt spent some time in a mental institution for not being sufficiently awed by the judge. I haven’t looked into the subsequent charges and am not particularly interested in doing so. He is evil and insane and, frankly, a waste of my time. At least Ramsey can keep his demons under control for long enough to come off as a decent human being for a few minutes at a time.

  59. paulie Post author

    You are correct. I did not mean nemesis in that original sense, which I had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.

    As for Lindstedt he must be out of the jails and nuthouses for a bit… he is still putting up current youtube videos and made another unsuccessful run at the LP US Senate nomination in 2016.

  60. Luke

    The LNC conversation seems to have moved on from this topic. As became clear early on in the conversation, no action was taken.

  61. paulie Post author

    I would still like to know what steps to an investigation Caryn Ann was referring to on the other thread. Does anyone know and willing to share either here or with me personally?

  62. Anon-Tipper

    From the facebook group, doesn’t look like they’re considering disaffiliation yet, but they do recognize that Ramsey is a problem.

    I don’t know if these are big sites in Florida, but this is already getting out:

    How long till this reaches the national news level, that the LP knows there’s a regional representative that’s part of a white-nationalists organization that attended Charlottesville?

  63. Carol Moore/

    From discussion in a FB group I’m confused if this is a real group or just a Ramsey and crew fake group. If it was real it would be reporting on Stanton and not other weird recent stuff.
    Florida Libertarians Against Nazis

  64. paulie Post author

    I made the same mistake. It’s a page, not a group. Not sure who runs it but a lot of the pro-fascist side does show up to comment. It may just be because of its open settings, though. Off hand I can’t remember if a page can be “closed” the way a group can.

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  66. Luke

    5 for 5 ever statewide candidate in the history of the Florida LP leaving the party is nothing to sneeze at.

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